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"I was so taken by the combination of flavors and textures that I was almost in tears." Yvette Somekh, National Food Critic. This is just one of the many accolades that Joseph Ciminera has received in his illustrious career as a Chef. Joseph has a long list of recognition from previous appointments. His time working at numerous fine establishments such as Le Cirque, Les Celebrites, Le Petite Bijou and Carmines all helped to build a strong foundation for his work. His diverse talent has afforded him the opportunity to test his talent in a myriad of ways. One source is his multiple cooking shows;" Joseph plays with food", "Eat at Joe's" and "Taste This T.V.!" seen nationally. His culinary medallions include, Certified Youngest Chef through the American Culinary Federation as well as having cooked for Presidents, Celebrities, Global Actor Awards, Princes, Mayors, James Beard House, and a legion of international food shows. He was given the "Gross Bonnet" award from the European American Culinary Council.

No other chef in the world has been given this award at such a young age. Ciminera's training started at the Five Star Five Diamond Hotel Venesia in Milan Italy, he tutelage under Master Chef Vincenzo Provino. He then went on to work with some of the nation’s top chefs including Daniel Boulud, Christian Doulevere, Pierre Manor, Mike Depirito and Jean Louis Pallidan. Ciminera's book entitled "In The Weeds"; a volume of chef’s tales has sold over 650,000 copies. His latest book, “Joseph Ciminera’s new American Cooking” will break 1 million copies sold by the end of this year. His latest venture is to help fight against one of America’s growing health issues…Childhood Obesity.

Chefs Curiosities

Chef Ciminera's cuisine is defined as very creative and totally unusual. Many critics have been taken back by the creativity and are marveled at the incredible flavor. The Chef’s wacky inventions include; Italian Sushi, Italian Wonton, Asian Cannoli, and the famous, “Braised Short Rib and Monkfish Roulade", "Wild Scottish Hare with Cassoulet", "Trio of Blinis at the Circus", and "Casserole of Bronzini with a classic Sartu".



"Ciminera sends out eye popping presentations from a break the mold menu..."

-Joanne Starkey, New York Times


"Ciminera has a whimsical approach to his dishes, he is clearly playing with tastes, textures and architecture work..."

-Peter Gianotti, Newsday


"Chef Ciminera is known for his Fly off the seat of his pants creation."

-Brian Salsbury, Modern Food Service Magazine


"The food is out of the ordinary, the presentation is grand."

-Julia McCornick, Gourmet Magazine


"Chef Ciminera is undoubtedly one of the most creative up and coming chefs today."

-Mike Richards, Good Eats Magazine


“Sitting down before the meal I never thought my discerning palate would eat these food combinations. After the first course I was begging for more!”

-Sarah Kellenberg, Food Writer

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