Taste This TV
With Chef Joe Ciminera






1 cup (250 mL) coconut oil

2 large eggs

1 cup of Nuts.com blanched almond flour

1 tsp. paprika

1 tsp. garlic powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. black pepper

1/2 tsp. dried thyme

1 tsp. chipotle powder (optional)

2 pounds (900 g) chicken- thighs, drums, breasts


1. Heat oil in large frying pan to 350F (175C) and preheat oven to 400F (205C)

2. Whisk eggs in medium sized bowl

3. Combine all dry ingredients in large bol and mix well.

4. Dip chicken in whisked eggs.

5. Coat/cover chicken in dry mixture and place in hot oil.  Allow both sides to brown (about 2 minutes each side).

6. Place drying rack on sheet pan and assemble check on the rack so ther is space between all pieces.

7. Put chicken in oven for 10-15 minutes.  Remove and serve.


Chia Seed Peanut Butter Cookies 1 1/2 cups rolled oats
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup all purpose or gluten-free flour
1 1/2 Tablespoons of Nuts.com Chia seeds
1/4 cup butter, room temperature
1/2 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup peanut butter
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup dark or semisweet chocolate chunks or chips Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
1. In a medium bowl, whisk together oats, baking powder, flour, and chia seeds. Set aside.
2. In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat butter with sugar until creamy.
3. Add peanut butter, eggs, and vanilla. Slowly stir in oat mixture to combine. Stir in chocolate chips.
4. Place heaping tablespoons of dough onto cookie sheet. Press dough into balls with hands, as dough will be crumbly.
5. Bake 12 minutes.
6. Cool.
*If guest are allergic to peanuts, leave out the peanut butter and the cookies will be chocolate chip only*
Makes about 12



4 ounces of Nuts.com blanched almond flour (about 1 cup)

4 ounces eggs (about 2 large eggs)

1 ounce agave nectar or honey (around 1 tablespoon)

¼ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar

In a medium bowl, combine almond flour and baking soda



1. In a large bowl combine eggs, agave and vinegar

2. Stir dry ingredients into wet, mixing until combined

3. Scoop about ¼ cup of batter at a time into paper lined  12 cup muffin pan

4. Bake at 350° for 15 minutes, until slightly browned around the edges

5. Cool in the pan for ½ hour

6. Serve with a light butter and your favorite jelly or jam!

• Makes 4 muffins


Chocolate Covered Goji Berries 1 Cup Cacao Butter
1 Cup Cacao Paste (tempered or un-tempered)
¼ Cup Raw Agave, Coconut Sugar, Raw Honey, or Yacon Syrup (or sweeten to taste)
1 teaspoon Vanilla Powder
¼ tsp Himalayan or Kalahari salt
1 Cup Nuts.com Goji Berries 1. Melt Cacao Butter and Cacao Paste over very low heat, or in an Excalibur Dehydrator.
2. Combine with all other ingredients except goji berries in high speed blender.
3. Blend thoroughly and pour mixture into a bowl. Fill bowl with goji berries and mix thoroughly.
4. Place into the freezer for approximately 10 minutes to set.
CHIA SEED PUDDING 2/3 cup Nuts.com Chia seeds
2 cups unsweetened soymilk, almondmilk or ricemilk
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 tablespoons currants or chopped dried figs or dates
2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut flakes 1. Put chia seeds, almond milk and vanilla in a 1-quart glass jar with a lid.
2. Tighten the lid and shake well to thoroughly combine. Or, stir together seeds, almond milk and vanilla in a bowl.
3. Refrigerate overnight.
4. When ready to serve, stir well. Spoon into bowls and top with fruit and coconut.
Quinoa with Goat Cheese and Dried Sausage 1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 oz / 60g dried sausage such as salami, chorizo, or saucisson sec
1 Tbs olive oil
1 cup (240ml) of Nuts.com dry quinoa, rinsed and well drained
2 cups (480ml) water
1 to 2 Tbs. whole brown mustard seeds
1 Tbs. Herbes de Provence mix, or a mixture of dried thyme, rosemary and oregano
1 package of Cypress Grove Sgt. Pepper goat cheese
1/2 tsp. salt
ground black pepper
1. Sauté the onion, garlic and sausage in the olive oil over medium-high heat, until onions are limp and the sausage has rendered its fat and is turning a bit crispy.
2. Add the quinoa and sauté briefly until it is lightly browned. Add the mustard seeds and sauté for a minute or two, to bring out the flavor.
3. Add the water and bring to a boil. Lower the heat, add the salt, pepper, herbs and green peas, and put on a lid. Let it cook for 10 to 12 minutes, until the water has been completely absorbed and the quinoa is no longer hard. Taste, and adjust the seasoning if needed.
4. Add the goat cheese and immediately take pan off the fire. Mix it well and let sit for a minute.
5. Serve warm or cold.
Makes about 4 cups cooked





SEAFOOD ROLL Ingredients:
-shrimp, scallops, salmon
-sea salt
-black pepper
-olive oil
-3 tbsp dijon mustard
- ½ cup sundried tomato pesto
-small jar salmon tapas blend?
-bread or biscuits Directions:
-place seafood on plate
-use sea salt to salt the seafood
-crush a little black pepper over top
-pour a splash of oil over the top (to prevent sticking)
-place on grill- don’t want it to retain moisture -Remoulade Sauce(as base):
- about 2 tbsp dijon mustard
-1/2 cup sundried tomatoe pesto –roasted tomatoes, basil, thyme, olive oil, herbs
-small jar of salmon tapas blend
(make sure it is a thick consistency) -once grilled, place pieces of scallops, shrimps, salmon into sauce -place mixture in between 2 slices of bread or place in middle of biscuit
-Enjoy! BISCUITS FROM SCRATCH -add buttermilk to flour ingredients
-can add egg if you want it to be more dense
-place fist size dough into baking pan and bake in oven at 350 degrees
-check after 10 minutes PENNE WITH TOMATO PESTO SAUCE
-Box of Penne
-4-5 fresh tomatoes
-basil (&spinach) pesto
-olive oil
-1 onion
-balsamic vinegar
-2 tbsp butter
-black pepper
-tomato sauce -boil pasta
(for penne: 10-13 minutes)
-pour olive oil into heated pan
-chop about ½ onion up, place into pan, caramelize
-add ½ tbsp pesto
-pour some balsamic vinegar in for reduction
-cut tomatoes in half and place in pan -add black pepper and a pinch of salt -few tbsp of butter for a creaminess (reduces acidity)
-add 1/2 cup tomato sauce In separate bowl:
-add rest of pesto sauce
-add chunks of cheese
-add pasta
-pour tomato sauce from pan right over pasta


Pasta Scallop Dish



-Olive Oil

-Salmon spread

-Bay Scallops

-pinch sea salt

-cracked black pepper


-1/4 cup white wine

-2tbsp butter




-add some olive oil and butter into pot

-add Bay Scallops (be careful not to over cook)

-stir in pinch of salt and cracked black pepper

- pour scallops into bowl, pour only the juice back into the pot. Leave Scallops in bowl

- add chopped onions, let them brown

-turn off fire

--Boil pasta in separate pot

-add scallops to onions

-put in jar of salmon spread, then add some pasta to pot

-plate some pasta, then add the scallop mixture on top



Sundried tomato crusted Tilapia & Vegetables




-1/2 cup olive oil

-1 fillet of Tilapia

-chopped carrots

-sundried tomato pesto

-seasoned bread crumbs (dried parsley, dried oregano, dried thyme, salt, pepper)

-julienned onion


-black olives


-1 cup white wine

-3tbsp butter



-bread tilapia in seasoned bread crumbs & sundried tomato pesto (spread evenly)

-put some olive oil on grill and place fish on to slow cook the breaded tilapia

-In separate pot add olive ½ cup olive oil

-put in garlic, let it brown

-add chopped carrots

-add in julienned onions

-take pits out of olives and add to pot

-add a few spinach leaves, toss

-add 1 cup white wine let it simmer for a few minutes

-add a little more white wine to sauce & butter, then take off fire

-plate vegetable mixture and place your fish on top, Enjoy!

Pomi Pasta with Red Clam Sauce



-Pomi chopped tomatoes

-monini extra virgin olive oil

-garofalo thin spaghetti

-olive oil

-1 onion

-1 cup? red wine

-whole little neck clams (taken out of shell) & cherry stones clams (minced)

-2 tbsp honey\

-curry sauce- salantro, garlic,salt, pepper

-homemade bread crumbs


*add more wine than oil



-Boil Pasta

-pour olive oil into pan

-chop onion and brown in pan

-add basil

-pour in wine (deglazes)

-add in clams & honey

-add 1/2 cup Pomi chopped tomato sauce

-add pasta into pan with clam sauce, stir

-take off fire, put into bowl

-pour some homemade bread crumbs over the pasta

-add the curry sauce on top- to your liking


Whole Wheat pasta with salmon tomato sauce



-Splendid spreads Salmon mezza medley-spicy greek style

-1/4cup olive oil

-1 stick celery

-1/2-1 onion

-6 Gaeta olives

-dash of fresh basil

-1/2 cup red wine

-Pomi strained tomato sauce

-grated cheese



-salt boiling water

-boil whole wheat spaghetti (8-10 minutes)

-pour olive oil onto heated pan

-smash and chop celery & onions, add to pan

-de-pit olives, add to pan and sautee

-add a little fresh basil

-add ½ cup red wine

-add tomato sauce

-add light vegetable stock

-when the sauce bubbles around the edge, add jar of salmon spread

-add pasta to sauce pan

-drizzle a little olive oil over the top

-place in bowl and add a little grated cheese on top, Enjoy!



Pasta Bean Soup


-Olive Oil

-diced garlic

-chopped carrots

-ham steak

-fresh basil


-3/4 cup red wine


-chopped Pomi tomatoes

-3/4 cup light chicken stock

-fresh corn on the cob

-1/4 tsp honey

-1/4 tsp balsamic vinegar






-pour some olive oil in pot

-add diced garlic and carrots

-dice ham steak and stir into pot

-add fresh basil

-add 1/2 cup red wine

-add beans & chopped pomi tomatoes

-add chicken stock and rest of wine. Let it come to a boil

-add in fresh corn kernels from the cob

-add honey & balsamic vinegar

-add raw pasta to soup, stir

-let it thicken

-add a little salt and pepper

-add a tsp of basil pesto at the very end

-fill center of bread with soup

-drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top to your liking


Chicken thigh dish



-Chicken thighs



-olive oil

-basil pesto (with pistachio nuts)

-julienned onions

-diced garlic

-chopped tomatoes

-sliced grapes




-Salt and pepper both sides of chicken

-place olive oil on grill, and put chicken skin side down

-rub basil pesto on top of chicken

-place some onions next to the chicken on grill

-add dash of garlic on onions (not chicken)

-add chopped tomatoes and grapes on onions

-let it chicken brown, then turn it over

-add some chopped tomatoes on olive oil

-place fruits and vegetables on plate. Add the chicken on top




Spaghetti Pie w/ Filet Mignon





-olive oil

-julienne onion

-2 eggs


-Filet Mignon



- salt and pepper filet mignon and put on grill


-add olive oil and julienned onions to separate frying pan

-add salt and pepper


-whisk 2 eggs in bowl and add grated cheese


-once onions turn a golden brown, add some spaghetti to egg bowl

-add a little more olive oil to pan and put in spaghetti with eggs

-sprinkle more grated cheese on pasta, flip

-spread basil pesto and sundried tomato pesto on plate

-cut a wedge of spaghetti pie and place on top

-place your filet mignon on piece of pie, enjoy!

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies w/ berry syrup



-Better Batter mix

-2 eggs




-mix ingredients

-bake at 350 degrees for ½ hr



-1 cup orange juice

-berries- blueberries, raspberries

-agave syrup

-2tsp?corn starch



-In pot, boil orange juice

-add berries

-add agave syrup

-stir in cornstarch

-let it thicken, not too much

-pour onto brownie, enjoy!



Surf & Turf Zucchini Dish



-Olive Oil

-Steak tenderloin

-Sea Salt


-Morel Mushrooms




-beef stock




-chopped red onions


-Pomi strained tomato sauce

-salmon spread

-grated cheese



-Brush Oil/scallion mix onto Steak and place on grill

-Add some sea salt and cracked black pepper on the steak

-Flip steak once cooked, don’t criss-cross lines on same side

-Plate once it is cooked to your liking


Pasta and Marinara Sauce




-olive oil



-Pomi tomato sauce

-grated cheese


-basil pesto



-salt water, boil spaghetti


-add olive oil to separate pot

-add diced garlic and cracked black pepper

-when the garlic is garlic brown

-add cup of tomato sauce

-add grated cheese at the very end


-add olive oil and basil pesto to spaghetti in bowl

- plate spaghetti & pour marinara sauce on top




Seasoned Chicken breast on grill



-butterflied chicken breasts

-fresh herbs- rosemary, basil, sage, oregeno, thyme


-1tbsp creamed honey



-sprinkle herbs and salt on both sides of chicken

-place chicken on grill for about 10 minutes each side

-place chicken on plate, coat creamed honey






Chef Joe’s Bellini and Duck


-Brussel Sprouts

-Olive Oil

-Baby Corn





-Artichoke hearts

-Ployes Mix



-Put olive oil in heated pot

-place a litte duck fat in the pot

-Cut brussel sprouts in half, place in pot

--add wad of butter in pot, and let it melt on slow cook

-Once the brussel sprouts are al dente, add in onions, salt & pepper

-When onions are caramelized, add in artichoke hearts and cut up mushrooms

-Crack some black pepper and toss the vegetables

-Once done cooking, add to plate


-Place some baby corns on the grill (still in husk)


-carve duck breast to liking, place on cutting board

-trim the breast, score the fat lightly

-salt both sides and place it skin side down in frying pan (no oil)

-Once cooked, flip to other side

-Add 4 tbsp Butter, take some of the duck fat from pan and baste the duck

-Add a little duck fat and olive oil to pan and let it render

-Once grilled, de-husk corn and add it to the oil

-Cook duck to your liking, then add to plate (add corn if you wish)


-In separate frying pan, add butter

- Squirt a small circle of Ployes Mix, add some black pepper on top

-Flip it once it starts to bubble

-Once bellini is cooked to golden brown, place on plate




Chicken Dish




-Olive Oil

-Baby Heirloom tomatoes

-1/2 cup chicken stock

-1 tbsp pureed garbanzo beans

- Garofalo noodles

- basil pesto

-Pomi Strained tomato sauce




-1 tsp creamed honey



-Boil Pasta


- Place Olive oil in Frying Pan

- Salt chicken breast, add to pan

- Cook on low heat

-Flip when ready

-Add a little olive oil and 1tbsp butter, and baste the chicken with the oils

-Once cooked, glaze 1tsp creamed honey over top of chicken

-Add to plate


-Add Olive Oil to pot

- Add baby heirloom tomatoes (make sure flame is not too high)

-Add chicken stock, let it simmer for a few minutes

-Add a splash of tomato sauce

-Add cracked black pepper

-Once the tomatoes start to break, take off fire and too plate


-In separate frying pan, add a little olive oil and a drizzle of chicken stock

-Add pureed garbanzo beans

-Add noodles and 1 tbsp Basil pesto and stir everything together

-Plate when ready


Mushroom Steak sauce directions:

-pour olive oil in heated pan

-add chopped onions and crushed garlic, let them brown

-Add mushrooms and toss

-Add a handful of raisins & ½ cup beef stock

-coat 1 tbsp. Of butter in flour and add to pan

-Once butter is melted, take off fire

-drizzle mushroom sauce over steak



-Add olive oil to heated pan (be heavy on the oil)

- smash and smear the garlic and add to sautée pan

-Add onions, let it carmelize

-Cut off sides of zucchini, not going too far into the core

-Throw away core and chop the sides into small bite size pieces

- Once garlic is browned, add in zucchini pieces

- toss vegetables and add a little black pepper

-slow cook the vegetables

- Stir in about ¼ cup tomato sauce and ¼ cup salmon spread

-let it slow cook

-Add grated cheese to thicken

-Plate and place Steak on top

Bean Side Dish



-olive oil


-crushed garlic

-chopped carrots

-baby heirloom tomatoes

-Kidney & Northern beans

-Pomi strained tomato sauce

-chicken stock



-Boil, drain and chill beans in separate bowls


-In separate pot, add olive oil, onions, and crushed garlic

-chop carrots and add to pot with tomatoes

-Let the vegetables brown before adding next ingredient

-Add ¼ cup Pomi strained tomoatoes

-Add ½ cup beans

-Add ½ cup chicken stock & cracked black pepper

-Once cooked, take off fire and place in casserole dish


Broccolini Side Dish



-Olive Oil





-1 tsp water



-Pour a little olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper into frying pan

-Add in broccolini

-Sautee and wilter for a few minutes (don’t over cook)

-Add 1 tsp water





-Olive oil


-Lentils (Balooga lentils, split green lentils, lentil beans)

-1 dried sausage (chorizo)

-1 handful nuts

-1 handful raisins

-3/4 cup chicken stock

-Bow Tie Pasta

-Pomi crushed tomatoes

-8 Cippolini onions

-3 tbsp balsamic vinegar

-Marinated Steak

-Brown gravy sauce

-Better Batter Gluten-free biscuit mix



-Boil Pasta


Mix & Bake biscuits according to directions on box


-Pour some olive oil into hot pan

-Cut up sausage into bite size pieces, place in pan

-Let it color a little, then stir in ¾ cup of Lentils

-Add nuts and raisins, toss

- Pour in chicken stock

-Let it cook for a few minutes

-Stir in crushed tomatoes

-Add onions, toss in sauce, cover pan

-Once beans, lentils and onions are cooked add ½ Pasta to pan (Make sure sauce does not dry out)

-add balsamic vinegar, stir

-Serve the lentil dish in casserole dish


-Slice steak into four pieces, place on grill

-Cook to your liking


-Add biscuits and gravy to plate

-Place marinated steak slices on gravy on plate










-Chorizo Pork



-Bay Scallops


-Chopped green peppers

-baby heirloom tomatoes

-1 cup Rice


-chili powder

-1 1/2 cup white wine

-Pomi Chopped tomatoes

-Spiced oil: Diced chilies, scallions, cilantro, parsley, olive oil

-3tbsp balsamic vinegar



-Glaze the chicken with the spiced oil on both sides & put on grill

-flip once it has nice grill marks on the side

-Once cooked, dice chicken


- Pour spiced oil into heated pan

-Chop Chorizo into bite size pieces and place in pan

- Pour boiled rice into pan with a little adobe and chili powder

-get rice toasted

-Pour in white wine

-Add scallops, mangoes, tomatoes and green peppers

-Chop the salmon and tilapia and add to pan

- drizzle some chopped tomatoes over pan

-Pour in balsamic vinegar and let it cook slowly

-Add in chicken

-Add ½ cup white wine (make sure liquid covers all)

-Place cover on pot, and let it cook

-After 10 minutes, let it air out

-When there is no liquid left at bottom and rice is not overcooked, it is ready

Plate and Enjoy!

Penne Rigate



-Olive Oil



-Broccoli Spears


-Chicken stock

-3 eggs

-Grated parmesan cheese



-Boil Pasta (~9 minutes)

-smash garlic and place into hot pan

-drizzle olive oil over garlic in pan

-add broccoli spears to pan, sprinkle some salt on top

-pour ¼ cup chicken stock, then cover pan

-After 5 minutes, toss broccoli and cover again

-Broccoli is ready when you’re able to mash it with a spoon (Florets should come right off, might have more difficulty with stalk)

-Use whisk to mash broccoli


-Whisk eggs in separate bowl

-Add grated Parmesan cheese

-Add pinch of salt


-Pour the egg mixture into broccoli sauce

-Be sure to mix fast, you do not want an omelet consistency

-Add pasta, toss

-Add a little olive oil

-Once eggs are cooked, plate


Chicken Burrito & Guacamole




-Olive Oil

-Spiced Oil

-Spoonful of chunked tomatoes


-Cilantro pesto


-Shredded Jack and cheddar cheese

-Tomato sauce



-De-pit avocado, scoop center out

- Mix/ crush avocado in bowl

-Add in tsp of spiced oil

-Add chopped tomatoes and mix it all together


-Warm tortilla on grill


-Coat chicken in olive oil and cilantro pesto and place on grill

-After you flip it, slice chicken into strips and place back on grill


-Place cheese, salt, pepper and a spoon of tomato sauce on tortilla

-Add chicken strips, and roll tortilla

-Add the tortilla to hot skillet with olive oil, seam side down

-Once it seams up, flip and add cheese, cilantro pesto and tomato sauce on top

Plate and enjoy!



Chef Joe’s Hot Chocolate




-Heavy cream

-~1 cup Melted chocolate

-1 scoop chocolate ice cream



-In pot, add ¾ cup heavy cream & melted chocolate

-Whisk on medium heat to a thin consistency

-Pour into mug & add one scoop of chocolate ice cream




Filet Mignon with Chocolate Mole Sauce



-Olive Oil

-Filet Mignon

-Fingerling Potatoes




-3 eggs

-Seasoned bread crumbs (salt, pepper, chives, garlic powder)

-1 Poblano pepper

-chopped onions

-2 tbsp Garlic

-1/4 cup Beef stock

-Heavy Cream

-Melted chocolate sauce

-5 tbsps butter



-Pour olive oil on to hot frying pan

-Cut potatoes in half, add to pan

-Sprinkle some salt on top, toss

-Cook until they are crisp and brown

-Once brown, add 5 tbsps Butter


-Sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of steak

-Place on grill

-Cook to your liking


- In a bowl, whisk 3 eggs

-Sprinkle salt and pepper on eggs

-Add cauliflower, make sure it is totally coated with the egg

-Dip egg covered cauliflower into bread crumbs

-Place in separate hot pan with olive oil, let it brown


-Take the seeds out of the Poblano pepper and remove white membrane

-Mince ½ pepper

-Add olive oil, chopped onions & garlic to hot pot

-When it starts to brown, add minced peppers

- Add beef stock, heavy cream and melted chocolate sauce, let it cook down

-Add cracked black pepper


-Plate steak, cauliflower & potatoes

-Drizzle chocolate mole sauce over steak


Chocolate Covered Pretzels



-Milk chocolate morsels


-Soft Pretzels



-Double boil, using a stainless steel bowl placed on top of a pot of boiling water

-Place 1 cup chocolate morsels in stainless steel bowl (double boiled)

-Add some olive oil, stir

-Let it melt to a runny consistency


-Place parchment paper on baking tray

-Pick up pretzels with tongs and dip into chocolate sauce (half way)

-Lay pretzel on parchment paper, chocolate side up

-Place tray in fridge

-Once chocolate has hardened, plate & enjoy!





Open-face Sirloin Sandwich



-Extra virgin olive oil

-3 elephant garlic



-handful chopped onions

-1 tbsp chopped garlic

-1 cup brown sauce



-sundried tomato pesto



-Pour olive oil into hot sauté pan

-Cut elephant garlic in half, place face side down with skin on

-let it brown, then flip

-place into oven at 400 degree for 10 minutes ?

-take garlic out of skin, place on cutting board

-smash garlic with knife (becomes a paste)


-season both sides of beef with salt and cracked black pepper

-place on grill, cook to your liking


-pour olive oil into separate frying pan

-Add onions & garlic- let it brown

-Add & Sauté mushrooms

-Once browned, add 1 cup brown gravy to pan

-let it boil


-Cut bread in half, toast it on grill (or toaster)

-Spread sundried tomato pesto on each half

-take paste from and elephant garlic and spread on top of pesto

-slice steak and add to sandwich

-pour mushroom sauce on top of steak

-close & enjoy!



Joe’s Mashed Potato Dish



-Idaho Potatoes

-1/2 cup soy milk

-sea salt

-1 1/2tbsp dairy free cream cheese

-2 tbsp Chopped garlic

-herbs in oil- oregano, thyme, parsley, sage in olive oil



-Cut potatoes & place in pot with a little water

-Submerge potatoes in soy milk

-Add sea salt

-Let liquid simmer out (foaming is natural)


-In separate pot pour olive oil and add garlic, let it brown

-Add cream cheese & herbs in oil

-Add in potatoes

-Mash potatoes with whisk or masher

Plate & Enjoy!



Caesar Salad Dressing



-2 cloves of garlic

-2 Egg yolks

-1/4 cup? Vinegar

-3 tbsp salmon spread

-1/2 tsp salt

-olive oil



-Blend garlic and yolks in blender

-Add vinegar, salt and salmon spread while blending

-add olive oil until it gets thick and creamy

Drizzle on salad & enjoy!

Mountain Steak sandwich



-Filet Mignon


-Bread roll

-Basil Pesto

-bleu cheese

-1/2 chopped onion

-horse radish



- Season the steak with salt on both sides

-Place on grill, cook to your liking


--Add 1/2 chopped onion to sauté pan with olive oil

-Let it caramelize

-Add in ¼ cup? bleu cheese

-take off fire when you mix (you do not want all the cheese to melt)


-Cut roll in half, spread basil pesto on one half of bread

-Add bleu cheese & onion to sandwich

-When steak is cooked, slice and place on bread

-spread a little horseradish on the slice without pesto

-Close sandwich and enjoy!

Salmon wrap





-1 chopped onion

-bleu cheese

-chopped peppers

-chopped mangoes

-1 tbsp crushed garlic

-2 tsps roasted peppers

-Portabello mushrooms

-Salmon spread

-1 warm flour tortilla

- shredded cheddar cheese



-Season salmon with salt on both sides

-Place on grill, skin side down


-Add olive oil, peppers, mangoes and garlic to hot frying pan

-take the skin off mushrooms and slice it thin, throw it in pan

-Toss vegetables and let it cook for a few minutes


-When salmon is grilled to liking, place into bowl and mix with salmon spread

-Add salmon mixture with vegetables, toss


-Take warm flour tortilla, add shredded cheese

-Take vegetable salmon spread and roll up

-Place seam side down in hot frying pan with olive oil

-Once it is sealed, plate and enjoy!

Steak & Potato Salad



-Romaine Lettuce




-Chopped onions

-1/4 cup? Balsamic vinegar

-olive oil

-Pasteurized egg whites

-artichoke hearts

-heirloom tomatoes

- julienne quebinelle peppers

-1 blood orange segments

-steak sirloin



- Pour olive oil in heated pan

-slice potatoes into thin strips, drain in cold water

-place thin potato strips in frying pan, add salt & pepper

-if necessary add more olive oil (to prevent sticking)

-Flip, once they start getting crispy take off fire


-add artichoke hearts to grill


-Salt the steak, and add to grill (add pepper if you’d like)

-Cook to your liking

-Slice steak into small strips


-in separate bowl add chopped onions, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and egg whites

-add heirloom tomatoes and toss in dressing

-add peppers and orange segments

-toss in lettuce

Plate and add crispy potatoes on top

-Take artichokes off grill and add to salad

-Add steak strips to salad




Gluten Free Apple Cake



-Granny smith apple

-1/4 cup pineapple juice

-2 Eggs

-1 tbsp dried cherries

-1/2 cup? Sugar

-1 tbspHoney


- Gluten Free Better Batter Flour

- ½ cup olive Oil

-dash of salt

-powdered sugar



-Grate Apple (with micro plane) to core into bowl

-Add all wet ingredients

-Mix in dried cherries for extra tartness

-Add Sugar, honey and cinnamon

-Mix together, and then add in oil

-Add salt and flour

-Mix to a smooth consistency, then pour into cake pan

-Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes

-check with knife

-When ready, add powdered sugar on top and enjoy!

Beer Braised Beef Stew



-Olive Oil

-1/2 cup beer (dark ale)

-Dakota Beef (sirloin)

-1/4 cup Leeks

-3tbsp balsamic vinegar

-chopped carrots

-Pomi tomato sauce



-Pour some olive oil in heated pot

-Add leeks and toss around

-Add cut up beef

-Add beer & balsamic vinegar

-stir in handful of chopped carrots and tomato sauce

-Turn up heat and let it cook

-Stir beef occasionally

-Once cooked, plate in casserole dish

Gorgonzola Caramelized Onion Condiment



-Gorgonzola cheese


-White Onions

-Red Onions

-1 tbsp dijon mustard

-Better batter gluten free pancake batter

-bleu cheese



-Add butter to hot pan

- Add julienne onions to pan, let caramelize

-toss onions

-once caramelized, take off fire and add cut up bleu cheese

-let the cheese melt into the onion

-mix in tbsp Dijon mustard

-plate on top off bellini


-add olive oil to separate frying pan

-squeeze a circle of pancake batter in center of pan

-flip when starts to bubble

-when golden brown, you can plate


Enjoy with you Beef stew!




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